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ersteth's in the Liverpool Infirmary. In an | somewhat remarkable circumstance, if we
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Chlorosis and anaemia should not be included in a single description,
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too late, as he sank in the latter part of the following day. Some hours
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3. By dividing the brain into two symmetrical halves
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the disease. Cabot's average was 350,000, as compared with 438,000
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and there was a sinus on the right arm. He was given a
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i and the poor, the learned and the unlearned, when arraigned before its
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serum e.xhibited a slight hemagglutination. None of the exhausted sera aggluti-
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only as a broad-minded surgeon, but also as a great teacher of
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" The records of the results of the so-called method of ' hermetically
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searches which they have carried out in connection with such and
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of a fetal head, he has had great difficulty in removing one
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enable him to conduct his business on scientific principles,
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life after the first. Rheumatic fever occasionally is noted in the history of
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pain, so that the patient is often unaware of their
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this new mode of action, the nerve may be compared to a Voltaic pile, and the transverse
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Suitable clothing ; diet ; hygiene (preservation of health) ;
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is well known to all. Wright considered this method of immuniza-
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cells are of various sizes, from but little above the
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Htvmopoietic System, — The b lood tends_J/0_ clot, as above
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researches of Hunter, Thomson, Wilson Philips, Hughes Bennett,
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tion and absorption of fatty substances by the villi of
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sanatoria all the more essential, because they were generally
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tral, peripheral or general constitutional condition. There
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flattened than, the surface covering. These spaces have not the
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number 11.4 per cent, suffered from mitral stenosis alone,
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