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habitual hemorrhage. 3. It may depend upon disease or injury of

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William H , aged sixty-six, beadle, came under Dr. Murrell's care at

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so that it doubtless will receive much attention in the future.

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and learned to suffer as profoundly as that one had always

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whit as " scientific " (to use a cant term) as he with a bistoury and

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tallow was a homogeneous mass and sufficiently firm to retain

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interrupted for a certain period of time, we noticed that the

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and barrel skirts. Such things are not fit to live ; and, thank

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An Investigation of Adenoids, Especially with Beference

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avert a lamentable catastrophe. It is, unfortunately, too true,

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tack, which entirely subsided after resuming the use of

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very full descriptions of the specimens (537 in number), the clinical histories

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loud in their manner, smoked in the streets, and, to use the quaint words of

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Cottage Hospital, where patients are received at $5 a

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Medical Inspection of Schools Unit as a Public Health Measure, The:

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dies in the malignant form of Malarial Fever, as has been well established by the expe*

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given in ten doses in twenty-four hours. If there be tenderness

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the swab or small rolls of sterile gauze. After the wound and a

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information coul'.l be gained as to who was and who

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cannot be aborted except by large doses of mercury" (Delafield), and

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ations : cleanse shop dirt with gasoline (because it removes

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into a vessel of drinking-water. Early on the following morning a small

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dyspeptic. This might explain the influence of fear as a

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contained granular matter and hjcmatoblasts, while in other

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sion," and " the most common of all diseases which afflict mankind"

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congestion, ecchymosis, spots of exudation, fatty degeneration, and scle-

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the disease may be spread by eating utensils in public eating places

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adjunct to the treatment of cancer, especially that of the uterus,

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hundred and fifty cases ; and the writer feels safe in

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