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.liscussion in regard to the best mode of nourishment,

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by paralyses. These paralyses have received the name of radicular

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Classification. No satisfactory classification of the toxic or infectious

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SMS Insurance Services and the Dodson Group specialize

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risy, etc. etc. is fully confirmed in the superiority of

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Auvard recommends ice. It should be broken in small pieces, mixed with

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JSFitr, acid, 50 m (Fincke) was dissolved in water and given to

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NIorrill ^^'yman Moses Clarke, J. II. Brown. Commissioner on Trials,

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Dictionaries for biennial period ending June SOy 1904^

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Dr. Jacobi remarks, that "few women seem to be aware of the insult implied

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FROM Embryonic ]\Ircors Glands. — Di'. Kolaczck re-

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on account of the deeply-rooted prejudices of the Japanese

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citreus, as one or another of these has been found to be invariably

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ment and the generous exhibition of stimulants, and

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soon as a want of assiduity is noticed. If the delinquent

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in passive congestion of the stomach, as from chronic heart and

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Human serums 1 and 2 from syphilitics under treatment and 3 and 4 from

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ers the use of the limb ; and in facial paralysis re-

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