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vocated. Dusty work-rooms must be properly ventilated.

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was very free. There was a little nausea, with slight headache,

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ern practice contemptuous disregard is shown for the

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be attended with serious results. When the disease is complicated with Malarial

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Chroni.sche fortsclireitende Augpnrau.skelliihmung und

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occasioned by the undigested food mechanically stimulating peristalsis.

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The Special and Distinctive feature of 'THE PERFECT CLINICAL' is, that the KEW

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Harold E. Haymond, S.B., M.D., Assistant in Surgery.

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tions out of a series of 68 which he collected, while

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hernia, from sad experience, have learned to deprecate and deplore

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grow to a fair size, and then divide into two by simple fission, and

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of the editors, for nine years, of the I'liilndtlphiii Mfd-

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and other fluids for drinking. The workers in fouiideries, and other

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more recondite nature, and especially that it mocks every mechani-

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had its first beginning in unsanitary India, why not in

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and made to enter the deep tissue of the right side at a point

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new and hardly visible epithehal border (Text-fig. 4). When epider-

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dwell on it at any length. Since the days of Hippocrates

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at the point of attachment of the vermiform process, was gan-

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Dr. F. B. Hutchinson, of Brighton, to Alice, daughter of P. Hughes,

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pitation and anguish had become constant and more severe

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covering cardiac disease in all the cases in which it was

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reality, is consequent on the optic atrophy which is the final

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during the twenty years mentioned; and the white troops of

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2 Loeffler: Centralblatt f. Bakt. u. Parasitenkunde, 1889, Bd. vi,

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public, and the whole of humanity. This is the key reality in our modern age

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present for duty, this September 30th, is 17 officers and 533 enlisted

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