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The most striking point about the distribution curves, is
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verified characteristic symptoms of zinc, that we may refresh
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cesk..vPraze,1875, xiv, 249-253.— Kurth ( H.) Bakteriolo-
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a magnification of 2oiJ0 ; all the other figures are from smeai'-prepara-
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y-1147. Prices net, delivered, extra cloth, $6.00; sheep, $7 ;
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met him three years ago first, when the locomotor was
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Zoological Distribution. — The three lice typical for man do not nor-
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mory and judgment are more or less permanently impaired. Instances,
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universally true picture of pleuritis ; the symptoms characterizing an *
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But it is proper that the patient should drink the seed, or at least the leaves of
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topsy showing metastases, cannot but be regarded as
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been subjected to a more careful physiological study, and
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entity, and as it may not show any perverted condition of nervous
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number of stone cases, whether occurring in men, women, or children. Its
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into the cerebral vessels that occasions the circulatory disorder, but more
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ing, or when brushing the hair. Weakness in the legs necessitates frequent
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getting a firm foothold here. A joint letter from the boards of
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definite remission was started by transfusion on fourteen of
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occasional screaming; on the morning of the 7th there were general
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nancies using fetoscopy (90 cases) or percutaneous umbilical
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is better, many valuable lives would have been saved.
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seeking support, and at other times rising from the ground, rarely
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are opened along the roof of the auditory canal into the middle
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be required to handle infectious wastes. There are proposals
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of affirmation of the facts and opinions which they impute to him.
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well-developed, macerated foetus, covered with pus, was
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An Exjierimental Study of the Meltzer-Lyon Test, with Comment on the
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Monograph No. 5. (Issued September 27, 1915.) Price, $1.00.

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