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wig, and tricornered cocked-hat, were classic objects in Keith for

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progressed and uterus increased in size. Abdomen became

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to be true. After conception has occurred, and the embryo is

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bitants of southern countries; the sanguine that of the nations of the

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acute enteritis. Tannigen 0.1 gram, four times daily ; diarrhea subsides

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point of inoculation being fully one inch below the

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pages with 1052 original line drawings. Published by

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0.24, and 0.28 gram of conjugate sulphates on three consecutive

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month all traces of enlargement will have disappeared.

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based upon the presence of fat in varying quantities, and this was

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It were to be wished that there were tables kept of the proportion

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few days, filter it, and preserve it in well-closed bottles.

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colour, and usually of hard consistence (hence called Sclerotia). and the other,

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and no official dared to issue a warrant. ' It was God's will to take his dear

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72.8 per cent., of which 20 cases, or 4,95 per cent,, had relapse" (Forcheimer).

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mented last week, and the reply of the Council, consumed a

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neck, with retraction of the head to the right side.

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cacy is twofold. From the very extensive mucous intestinal mem-

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it almost makes one doubt the correctness of the diag-

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tial features of the experiments, the other being reinoculation.

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lecturers, reckless as beggars, hardly know what money they

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they are little, if at all, worked, and a large amount of water is

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while its tragedy, sober and earnest in its ever thrilling

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threaten a grave epidemic of smallpox. Can you help in the preven-

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doubt, mainly due to the pregnant discoveries which have been made

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the disease no difficulty should be experienced The bullae of pem-

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smaller percentage may agglutinate this bacillus up to

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strated, not merely as a matter of generous feeling to-

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