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duties. The field of operative surgery, although happily
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abruptly and in isolated fashion from the surface ; or as raised broad-ridged
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consisting only of connective tissue, and perhaps they were simply of
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Annual Meeting, First Tuesday in April; Semi-Annual Meeting,
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the difficulty of breathing, and inability to lie down ;
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Surgeons on their own initiative. Naturally, when the Flight Sur-
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Chapter IV contains notes on temperature in health and
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is apt to become ammoniacal from the decomposition of urea, and then to
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Piawlins, William Peter, M.D.St. Andrew's, 2, Francis Terrace,
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the citizens concluded that the stone mason was not the one
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force It seems to me highly desirable that, if the two admi-
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hazardous occupations requiring complete mental alertness (e.g., operating machinery, driving) .
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of how the medical profession has been run away with,
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any rate, we trust that we have successfully shown that
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This led the health officer to make a special investigation with
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Pension Fund. The company numbered about five hundred, and were
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information was sufficient to confirm the diagnosis of uraemic coma. I prescribed milk.
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from which, though it narrates no life in set form, a life could so
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seem to have definitely estabhshed the etiological factor to be a neural
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privilege of personally presenting civic petitions to the Speaker
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hospital statistics. Evidently Mr. Tait believes that
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critical defervescence about the fourteenth day is characteristic.
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kocytes (leukemic growths). Hemorrhages from mucous membranes are
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croidal ulcerations differed in degree only, rather than
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Poisonous foods eaten by cows deteriorate the quality
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or to simple hyperplasia of the adipose tissue ; since, when recovery

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