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occasioned by the undigested food mechanically stimulating peristalsis.

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form, sheltered, temperate, and mild climate to live in^

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spine, and this opinion was strengthened by the close analogy

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medulla oblongata, ' with secondary extension to the

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during life was suff'used with a deep erysipelatoid blush,

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render them capable of performing public duties. At the preliminary

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dianapolis, President of the Section, read the annual ad-

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day, and perhaps never shall be able, to give an exact

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however, infuses so much of downright good-nature into

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syphilis, tumours, abscesses of the brain, and in the early stages of tabes

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adopted. In connection with motion, Dr. Harding believed that

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to be put to the perineum and hypogastric region, and opium with

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increased, but the lymphocytes are usually more than normal

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allows us to collect the urine from each kidney. By comparison of the

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a. Qualitative tests for sugar. — Many tests for the presence of sugar,

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Sir,— In the "Reports of Ho- pi tal Practice in Medicine and Surgery"

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ing recent microscopical and experimental work, expressed the opinion

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perplexed by a multiplicity of directions. The facts

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the recessus facialis, named and the same number. C, of the mesencephalon : fr, frenulum valvultt ;

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of the double lesions are, however, as a rule more severe, and the result-

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eight weeks the patient is allowed to use the hmb, the joints

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ed vessels and their cargoes cannot gradually extend

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been guilty of flagrant neglect— which could excuse them.

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