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sequent typhoid bacillus infection. It appears, then, that a previous

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universal rule, high and low, until nausea and lack of

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it should be carried to incipient intoxication if possible. In

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acute endocarditis in pneumonia in which there was a small pneumococcic

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twelve hours; marked by one maximum and one minimum variation

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tension of a tuberculous process through the diaphragm

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inoculation of rabbits. All the patients improved under treat-

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in its shortest. It now remains stationary till near the end of the

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well as the diagnosticum and in the same manner or any other modifi-

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" du,ces, except that of Mr Hunter." — Yet the doctrine and treati.

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SALOFORM Powder, in 1 oz. vials, dose 10 grains 4 times daily (under physicians' prescriptions), per oz. S1.25.

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mended by Professor Hamilton to effect the dilatation of the

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bov liecheniy a bryushnavo tifa n dietei na kolebaniya

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can be fitted in much more easily, and with a due sense of pro-

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gently, and if any thing have collected, by this manipulation, it will be dislodged,

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It was at this time that von Leyden, in 1880, first

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Perhaps the safest rule to go by for practical purposes,

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or bactericidal character. Against the syphilitic germ mercury has a select-

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The disease commences in the skin in the shape of patches that are white

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Before pus has formed, before ulceration has perfo-

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locally, but, I think, never generally. It seems to be absolutely con-

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see the lack of cordiality and sympathy among physicians. It

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go attention to free elimination by all the excretory channels, and

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Arsenic. Copious quantities of linseed mucilage and

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of the liver. As the oesophagus terminates in the stomach

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