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Secretary to ask hiui to bring in a Bill, and the members of

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purpose that he widens streets, opens courts, puts in fresh

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In no single case, Mr. K. says, has creasote failed to b.e of signal benefit ;

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of daily routine in every case of scarlet fever. There is no reason why

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already pointed out, and when ascertained, is to be treated upon precisely

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belladonna in minute doses in that class of congested head-

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Since the Act was passed, more than $4.5 million has been

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as it was a month ago. As far as we are able to make out, therefore, the case

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Italian Tamara. Coriander seed, cloves, and cinnamon, of each

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and colleges ; the number assigned to each to be based

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Now for a few words on the moral and physical means

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Krankheiten, p. 64. Toeplitz u. Deuticke, Wien and Leipzig.

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sequently a dark-coloured, bloody-looking fluid, in which were numerous whit-e

cipla silagra review ngq03

of Vienna, Austria, graduating in 1879, and completed his education in France.

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be pain in the region of the bladder or retention of urine, as the result

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the use of forceps cannot l)e mejtsurecf by the clock. There

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and dry. In nursing or drinking it stops every few minutes to struggle for

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kept alive the demand for new books and the love of reading.

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ably, and is dependent not only upon the severity of the infection, but on

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is maintained by surrounding the coil of rubber tub-

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which has so hindered progress in other callings, and which

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Properties. — Diluted sulphuric acid contains 10 per cent-, by-

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j)yrexia in Rheumatic Fevor treated by Cool Batlis and Affusions." Dr.

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which it is soluble in suitable fluids. Equal parts of glycerine

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valence of continued fever. Nevertheless, we are never

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the preceding winter. In the first place, many of the men whom we

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the progress towartl recovery is more speedy after the

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formed on the mitral valve and surrounding surface of the endocardium. Some

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of each. Static machine — Advantages are : Perfectly steady light,

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was only slight (0'9 F.), was really due to lesion of the corpus striatum.

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Lister protective. It is to be remembered in all these cases that a

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