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case. The diagnosis was assured by finding the malarial parasites

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of fever, the pulse was regular and some- amongst the vaccinated contacts of a

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with immobility of the cardiac dulness in varying postures, is of great

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length of the paroxysm the patient is fatigued or exhausted. However

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and women (being in each disease as ten to one), the relative frequency of

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moved to a dark room and developed. It was blackened,

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the pneumonia seldom begins until after the fourth day. Its onset may

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If for each group of cases \Ve estimate the number of deaths which

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State Office of Health Care Information and the state

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berVf gathering data, but at first all cards may stand

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But the Society has lived, and those who have made a business of

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be noted, however, that the lesions were not bilateral. But, in

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and greatly appreciated by convalescents sometimes, though the

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that the single tampon answers the purpose. I think

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a study of one thousand two hundred cases. Dr. Fried-

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as the “OSMA Council on Hospital Medical Staffs.”

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latter seems to me more correct. After the development of the disease,

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man (118 grms. proteid, 56 grms. fat, and 500 grms. carbohydrate).

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with as much detail, as is often to be desire J. It is well known that apparently insignificant symptoms ' * sometimes lead

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pitals {>r the Insane," first adopted by the Association

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8. Of the Wisco7isin State Hospital, for the year 1860.

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68 West Fortieth Street, New York, December 6, 1SS4-

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account of our lack of nuinbers. Our last resource was the usual rush, so this was voted for. \Ye rushed, and so

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Let it not be said that it is impracticable in "private

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comes cloudy and some general fever sets in. In such

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