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nants, or sedatives to dull and benumb the mental symptoms are associated with some
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/ a , / \ , ^ / : <%y>r y> v y^ ^ '*£&raS&rvi,
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ful or helpful and, as a rule, is an unnecessary procedure."
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hearing, tinnitus and history of frequent colds in the
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was done and a sample sent. It proved very satisfac-
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that the ordinary clinical appearance was most reliable.
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Helsinjjissa, 1896, viii, 20-24 — Itiva Palacio (V.) Las
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those specially interested in this subject, none of whom,
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in after life, and moreover causes rupture of both navel and groin.
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cess of the Fossa Navicularis with Attendant Fistula," by Dr.
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admitted that there is a class, and one or more arc found in almost
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import than physical diagnosis. The wide experience of the
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Naunyn 's 44 fatal cases, 19 died in coma, 12 of which were of the dyspnoeic
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nal of September 29, 1888, by Dr. Abner Post, of Boston, was
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illary and 13'mphittiG glands of the neck become more or less enlufi^
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results obtained by our present techniques with those results obtained from
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Deeply impressed with the responsibility attached to the
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inches long and one wide, in close relation with the articular cavity,
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difficult to biing all llie bodies in Schedule A to an agree-
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^ Ann. di Ostct., Firenze, 1894, tomo xvi. ; also Ann. de gynec, Paris, 1894,
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This little work sup])lies a real want in a very satisfactory manner.
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therefore, of preventing such an issue by an early arrest of the
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opalescent by "milk." " Have the children plenty of milk
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bad colds, grippe, rhinitis, etc., during the winter and spring periods.
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coring to extend the indications for vaginal hyster-
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meeting, that the Government introduced its Bill for amending
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1870 ( \ ol. I, page 2G2), reports some cases in which

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