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and adapted to admit of whatever future extensions should be called for. in
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water, or the KrShnchen of Ems, on the spot, as they have, respectively,
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only safe and efficacious mode of treatment/' In Ireland the habitual
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even those who formerly went to Carlsbad. The reason
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the graduate will at once indicate the capacity. If such
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consideration, and that was that in the ingestion of
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under his observation in which a simple ana;mia had
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the greatest possible exhaustion. The bodies are described as ex-
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little haemorrhage occurred, and no damage was done to the
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(a) Fracture of the surgical neck. — There were thirteen cases of
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cropsies not infrequently sbow bealed tuberculous lesions in many parts
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of special benefit from the lectures — so little were the great
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source of this disease than any other with which we are ac-
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nephritic air-containing abscess. Incision and drain-
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the recessus facialis, named and the same number. C, of the mesencephalon : fr, frenulum valvultt ;
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ing is slow and stertorous ; the pulse slow and full. The skin is occasionalSj
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perhaps in certain cases merely as tlie result of great stimu-
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these substances into animals led to the rapid appearance of immune products.
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Premising these remarks, we shall endeavour to give some notion of the
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of the facility for greater than one year. Most had none of
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the rnitral valves, becoming morbidjly irritable: from jiiiiauima-
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In trypanosomiasis oedema of the face and especially of the eyelids may be
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berculosis, typhoid fever, tumor and abscess of the brain, encephalitis,
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irregular development of nervous structures. Although of little practical
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TRACHEOTOinr IN Spasmodic Croup is indicated in exceptional cases
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Camphor has been claimed to be a valuable medicine in cholera, bat
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Frederick Noyes Sperry, M.D. , Demonstrator of Anatomy and Instructor
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their absurd theories and system of practice. If they affect to consider
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bowels. The patients are encouraged to drink freely of water, and
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1. That in one case only was I able to feel justified in leaving the sac

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