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In any condition of abnormal tightness of the sphincters,

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glomeruli were not especially affected nor the areas around them, but on

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condition of the lids was that when I watched him I saw that

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abnormal physical signs to document and localize the

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not much increased on pressure. An indistinct undulatory motion,

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important duty has been too long left to uneducated

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in eczema, impetigo, scabies, lichen planus, and many other diseases also.

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really remarkable, and bears advantageous testimony of the

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uterus) and treatment by drugs and suggestion, are superfluous. (7) In

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the paralytic stage the pupils become widely dilated, Tht

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introduced into the lancet wound enters easily into the broken-down

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case of drinkers than in that of abstainers ; it was not, however,

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oxygen were reduced by ozonisation to 92, it might be sup-

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did not attach much importance to the combination. A

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feebly established, and at the end of a few days it

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of scarlet fever admitted to the London Fever Hospital, only eight (or

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in the first instance, upon defective or perverted innervation, but

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He was treated, at first, with mineral acids and bitter tonics, under

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They may remain discrete or become confluent, and either disappear with

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Bresl., Leipz., 1858, 1 18-137. 2 pi.— liowiie (B. T.) On the

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and higher grade (many microcephalic, cretinoid, epileptic, partially

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Similarly, Osier regards as an exaggerated example of co-ordinated tic

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Surgeon to the Great Nortliein Hosp.; Assist. Surg, to St. George's Hosp. ; late

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r.Y sTr> noBET^T h. wooes, M.1\, M.Ch., F.E.C.S.;

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of curtailment. In it Gilbert pours forth the spirit of true philosophy.

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