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sary, laceration was liable to occur, and the perito-
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the retraction ring was very infrecjuently felt, so that tbis point of difference
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proved, but vulvitis still marked and pus found in top of
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Wagner Free Institute of Science. Fifth edition, revised. Philadelphia.
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quite well. There was no more swelling of the involved joints
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follow this disease. Plyoric spasm (due to excess of HC1) causes
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information that Surgeon-General Sternberg has selected two medi-
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Dinner. — 6 p. m. 200 cc. (5vj) clear bouillon; 200 grams (5vj) roast
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evident that if any portion of the convex surface of the femoral condyle
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May 6, 7, 8, 9, 1963 • Milwaukee Auditorium • Hotel Schroeder
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at its centre by the cyst and at its periphery by the spleen tissue. Such
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Permeability. — The permeability of a soil to air does not depend
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the edges of the perforation, and that the ulcers will heal and
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sympathetic) with modifications of the internal secretions. In
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Question IV. What influence would a more advanced obstet-
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cm. or, in one reported instance, 7.5 cm. in long diameter. The solitary
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ruction of the hydatids. Dr. Murchison has collected the particulars
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students in the Graduate School of Medicine and his residents at the
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his mind clearly on any subject he would introduce. He was in-
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assess primary care physicians’ preventive beliefs, attitudes,
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ration. Handsome sample boxes of the FOOD, and copies of The Imperial
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their coffers by offering pretended secret specifies, and are with
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prepare the oxide, the precipitate of the oxychloride is formed in the usual
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tributed to the diffusion of useful knowledge. It must, then,
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ful. In case of unconsciousness, 2 mms. of croton oil may be
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Suspended Members not included in Total Membership.
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shortly to take up this most important subject at greater length,
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and as the head of the second child did not descend into the pelvis the

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