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The Committee will proceed to notice these in detail

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quickly availed of for the lower animals by Delafond and Leblanc.

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chronic inflammation, or a subacute nephritis; in fact, the

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mere cheat. He printed a small book of his own, done in London. There is

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contraction and repose, and regulates the cadence of the muscular

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following from the Veterinarian, August 1875, by Professor

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307-311.— Schanz (E.) TJeber die Haltbarkeit der gelben

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sent home on an oral antibiotic regimen or no medication

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The Eighth Reimion of the Association of Medical Officers

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respiration. There is no regular course for this pneumonia as it may

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phthalein output (20 to 30 per cent.) and the urine contains 0.5

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to disappear and become less evident in adult life,

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the time of an outbreak which Mr Longmore saw at Barrackpore. Euro-

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In reply to a query from Dr. Lange as to whether any mem-

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vations illustrative of the etiology, pathology, and treatment of either

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anasarca 3 ; inflammation of brain 2 ; apoplexy 2 ; typhus fever 2 ; hypertrophy

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He was buried in Riverside cemetery, Weston, April 13.

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pecially of the cornea, and from this time the favorable

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every day, the parts of your brain attuned to music apprecia-

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ways enjoyed, and in our opinion it is continuing to grow in usefulness

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to a convenient bulk and the amount of urobilin estimated

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are disliked, ignored, and generally end up being of lit-

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or sciatic rheumatism, to relieve the suffering in the late stages of

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lower third of the thigh on the inner side, and opened into au

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portion of even these. All cases in which diabetes or

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secretion of his cataractous patients at our} which might lead to the establishment of a

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