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Idiopathic and irritative patches, usually expressive of

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the paraphernalia necessary for these operations was the only

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chloroform. This led him to have the bulb constructed

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bral irritation and disease in the organs of special sense,

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Nittany Hall, Penn. From September, 1864, to May, 1865, this disease appeared

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quality of her blood — she is very anaemic. I do not approve of this line of

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The Medical Society and the Union — Later Marischal College professors and

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not abnormal ; this would also speak against rachitis.

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spinal column. The features which mark the secondary degeneration are

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Surgery in the University of Pennsylvania. 1523 Spruce

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tion about courses given at NIH appeared in the education supplement of

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long known and repeatedly pointed out is constantly ignored.

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benign growth such as an osteoma. The history of two months' growth

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made of the establishment of a separate and distinct Department of Research woven around the

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tember 28, 1889, Dr. Roswell Park, of Buffalo, operated on this

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laterally, and also with a long thin spur at the heel

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ask their approval by this Society and publication in the Press, of Santa Barbara.

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thinnest cold drinks, as w T ater, thin barley-water, or toast-and-

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Academy of Pediatrics, delivered this year’s Edmund B. Flink

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Front the Laboratory of the Base Hospital, Camp Grant, III.

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vesicle cavities. The older view that bronchial inflammation ended with

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of this ether. From about 70 so-called elements all

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the peculiar outcry, paralysis of the left side following the spasmodic

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epithelium which lines the tympanic cavity. The ex-

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known, as this condition rarely causes death when the infection is

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are capable of causing limited paralysis instead of spasms in the human

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