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gers; a very profuse bleeding immediately came on from the
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(A.I.) Dva sluchaya tr.ansplantatsii otdlelnikh kuskov
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film when only a few are present ; infected lice usually have massive
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of being *' the most eminent physician in this kingdom,
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the compensation of the ataxia is not the result of a process
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discovery of the relation of a new case merely to a previous case is
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of attacks of paroxysmal dyspnoea for several years past, and taking
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children, became in a very short time yellow. There are scores of
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1932. Meade. Richard H., Jr., 750 San Jose Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich.
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with the doctor on that point. I believe if we were to take the stand that
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downward as far as the right iliac fossa and closely embraced one of
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destructive pulmonary changes. Leukocytosis is said to be a constant
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PUBLIC HEALTH officer #591 needed for Northern Neck
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the iris to the cornea."* The origin of this disease could
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mammalian scries and possesses within that series a somewhat complicated
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to their very extremities, the cauda equina and sacral nerves.
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Government Chemist and the Board of Judges, and the result was the highest flatter} 7
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no defect. A nursing- bottle was pi'ovided, the nipple of which
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of animalcules burst from the stagnant juices to devour the sub-
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especially has this been so in those cases of laryngeal epi-
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" Traite de la Salubrite dans les Grandes Villes." Taris, 1846, p. 213.
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by the best intentions, to maintain his observations only on the
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the result may be called an intermediate, hybrid, or

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