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males. In one very violent case of hysterical insanity, with
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others look on them as the local manifestation of the general lymphoid
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associated with oliguria and/or progressive azotemia and rarely with acute renal failure and/or death Because ol
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patients ten are living now, but in five of them recurrence
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test. The greatest danger arose from the milk of tuberculous cows. The
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reference to representation upon the State Board of Medical
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. In three minutes much fulness in the head, with a throb-
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3d. Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis originates de novo, at the same time in widely sepa-
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fant three years of age, had a small calculus at the extremity of the ure-
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the corners of their half-closed eyes, their lips moving in muttering
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and their toxic elements. Such men as Beginsky, D'Espein and
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public health connected with this Association, there would
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localised headache and tenderness are of fairly good diagnostic import-
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Krankheiten, p. 64. Toeplitz u. Deuticke, Wien and Leipzig.
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They then become of much harder consistency, and some of them,
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may be attacked directly by the mercuric chlorid solution when the latter is
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Some Observations on Renal Casts. — Walter E. Tobic says
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apathy of the Government with regard to this question ; but it
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previous debilitated state of health which might occasion
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symptoms of poisoning had passed off the fits had returned in
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mentary Procedures. By HUNTER ROBB. M.D., Associate
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castration. It has been proved by experience that nearly all
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only during the continuance of the arthritic inflammation ; that is, they
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dromata arise in connection with bones, but never from permanent cartilage ;
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orly, and continue backward almost as far as the commence-
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taste in the mouth, chiefly the metallic; thin, acrid saliva ; fitful or period-
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sult with a solution of bromide of potassium, but it gives a red

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