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demands that the examination and description of diseases of
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and mutual connexions with each other. These functions are of
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General Medical Council to insert such License in the Medical Register as a
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had escaped in small bubbles, from every point of the surface of
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minutes at the rate of 60 per cent in 2 hours. The toxic effect
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affected side. Amnesia is usually present in various degrees. The
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ured forearm as was allowed by the extensive bui-n. He was under the care
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to differentiate between the various acid-fast bacilli in this manner. Duval
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por and coma. Now the stomach is intimately associated with
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fod were exdsed, and were examined microscopically by
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those required of importations from the United States. The condi-
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as a father, indulgent and justly proud ; as a husband, alas, only one
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The knee-jerk is unusually active, not only on the side paralysed, but
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summer resorts in the country, as at the seaside, has caused so much
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action is due to some disorder of the digestive apparatus. When
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the compensation of the ataxia is not the result of a process
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attended to is the arrest of haemorrhage from the collateral veins
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upon excellent tinted paper, and is, in all respects, a handsome and attract-
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tumours have acquired great size, they appear to increase alike
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The results obtained in the treatment of septicjemia by means of
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plant itself on the dogmas of either authority, precedent, or
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pounds out of the body, or in it after death, make it
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become infected. The chief violence of the epidemic in and around
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that rhytlim. The sedative effect, t'hen, as seen in the arte'iial
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the assembling of the official convention to afford an oppor-

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