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Of the four remaining cases the facts relating to the progress and termi-

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1870 ( \ ol. I, page 2G2), reports some cases in which

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duodenum, due to dragging of the membraneous attachments at

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regular,and slow; his respirations were 22 per min-

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Jugular veins on both sides greatly dilated, filled with dark fluid

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very offensive: and the nurse told me she had noticed

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of amidulin are found. On the other hand, the protein digestion in

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months before the publication of the therapeutical effects of this remedy

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which colic is to be discriminated and the exclusion of the latter affection.

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common with other parts ; and this is one of its most constant

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■during the third stage, and one eleven hours after delivery. In

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within a very short period of time, and that it cannot be safely

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in which steam replaces the air; and {h) in an incubator or water-

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cases of poisoning by arsenic, I said " Tartrate of antimony should never be

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1. Does the Removal of the Ovaries Exert Beneficial Influ-

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broad ligament and at right angles to it, freeing it in

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venting future epidemics of yellow fever, and urged

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Ephraim's early education was gotten at the school of

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columns of Turck, and a slighter sclerosis of all the cord poste-

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first case was one of mild typhoid in a woman sLxty years

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resj)iration is hurried and uneven; there is much thirst; the sufferer

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cnni"''~^" »"° ■'', v^ ^''"\ ^^ ''-""^ '■''••y ''"P'O"^ vomiting, in

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Nature could hardly bear the simultaneous growth of two

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they came back unbenefited, though one of them felt

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per position. If the pains are long absent, she may otten be advan-

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otomy three hours after the accident. A perforation an inch long was found

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of health of the several states, where the original

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be applied topically by painting on the affected region. It has

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