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The most profitable impression to carry away from this reading
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in Dr. Dock's statement that the operation of cardiolysis is undeservedly
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as imperative that adequate sanitary protection — pasteurization of eating-
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were cough and expectoration, and these have continued until the time
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had no effect upon blood-pressure, which sank until the dog's death at
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subcutaneous injection in the amount of 1.5 gram daily. The injec-
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inspiratory efforts, or even coughing, may play some part.
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(case No. 41, not shown in the above table) had an almost identical
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which very rarely appears before 45 and generally does not develop till 50
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3. Cerebral Symptoms. Cerebral symptoms were noted early by
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distended, and its structure so much altered, that it appeared
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ureter ligatured, an average of 0-8 per cent, of body-weight sufficed to
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and conflicts the patient may, if willing and if reasonable, be helped
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appendicitis, hernia, varicocele, and other conditions causing discomfort or
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years, but its causation and the nature of the primary lesion remain the
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It has been shown that intramuscular injections of cocaine can abolish
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These two further differ in that the bilirubin of the immediate reaction is
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the P-and R-waves gradually approached each other and then
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before as well as after the race. Weight, height, apex-beat, cardiac dullness,
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in my own laboratory or in that of my father have been considered
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bristles. Tenth Experiment. The nose of a wild rabbit was cut
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which were tending to infiltrate the cortex of the gland.
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usefulness, which has not yet been fully explored. In increased tension due
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dysarthria, aphonia, and dysphagia, and by loss of voluntary and emotional
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radially arranged, with clubbed peripheral elements, somewhat
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is not prevented by shaking. If the defibrinated or citrated blood, in its
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median, or the dividing point, for the men is the fifty to fifty-nine-
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tongue from the beginning is fur'd as in a Mercurial ptyalism,
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a good many patients recover from it, or, in other words, that it
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pains, but from what can be obtained from him through an interpreter it

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