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surrounding Indiana are just as stringent against their prac-
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the phenomena. In amaurosis the pupil is permanently dilated. Now, can
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quinin sulphate. And this difference between process and brand
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corresponding with the depression externally. The central lobe of the right
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attainable position and preventing motion, but unfor-
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she was seduced, at which time she was in some way connected with one
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nary surgeons have long known, for example, that opening the jugular vein
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But what are the rational objections to the forceps? Do they mutilate or
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after that date he was called to a similar case, where three hours intervened
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dinical account given by Dr. Hansen, the discoverer
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If there is an opening in the hard palate, an obturator
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ideal in these cases. Two strips of tin, one on either
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ment of Transylvania University, President of the College of Physicians
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performance of his duties. The principal reforms contemplated
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in such operations is not desirable. It will almost certainly
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of Chung Toy Ding, living in a cellar at 27% Waverly Place. She
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creased, occasional incontinence, knee and ankle clonus marked,
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with such violence that the cornea was ruptured in ils tranvcrse diameter, and a part
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The witness, who meditated a complaint, and very properly called Dr.
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ties of no mean order. We are dealing with a disease the dura-
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particularly valuable in case of defective digestion, in biliary
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it entirely from the other travelers on the train. In
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is a harmless food. He asks what we know about the com-
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giving energy to the cinchona bark and its salts, in the treatment of inter-
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the operation, he procured from a neighbouring apothecary a cylinder of
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peres — turned on gradually and maintained for a few minutes
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tunity for examining this point. The best are those in which turning
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at the first operation had two inches of urethra constructed
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be punctured at a suitable distance from the margin of the cornea; the sharp
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place, the experiments of Dr. Daubeny, M. De Saussure, Sir Humphry
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of late ; experience having taught, in the first place, that although the
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and, while written especially for medical students, will be
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lowing story, which points its own moral: Professor
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given 30 days' time, and, besides treating the case of
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ments of results of American and European operators are
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low specific gravity. There are no.cardiovascular changes, but
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ganglion-cells. Balzer and Benedikt observed disten-
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Case IV. A Tumour below the Elbow, formed by a large Subcutaneous
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atones, that he had been operate on for them several
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The origin of certain of these diseases has already been

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