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operated upon on October 14 under spinal anesthesia.

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'I'.Tnncs. W.: \ii.-K i.- Ai-i.N. MniiciLrrMiili- in lii.irli,iiii^ti-\-. I.nii'.'iinni-^. <;r'''-ii *■ "'"■•

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plantation proved successful. Some of the bone used

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bustible gases by ruminating animals, rendering it necessary to pro-

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umbilicus. This surface resembled that often seen over a spina bifida.

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severity, and five days later he was admitted to the

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disease will be kept under close observation, and any reports of sus-

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Section 1120 places the superintendent and bacteriologist in charge of the milk and

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water used, not only here but also in washing carcasses, must pass

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white nodules in the renal cortex, spleen, liver, cardiac and skeletal

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stiii.-tni-es, Kxperimeiital iii\ .•sti'jalioii supports this \i.'w.

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The division between these types of regressive change has been

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given.' One of these certificates and the duplicate copy of the permit shall be retained

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British Physicians Reject Nationalized Medicine 291

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permitting them to be rendered into lard operates most usefully and saves for both the

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northerly, and easterly along the southern, western, and northern boundaries of Yadkin

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Ideal applii-atiiiiis ,,f heat nr i-i^^i\. as can lie sh.iw n in the Iiaiid-ealorim

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in length of bone following ingestion of anterior lobe of the pituitary

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the figures in the returns refer to the number of cases, outbreaks, etc.,

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tiiHl a s| ial sp.'.-i'h .•.-iit.-r .-visls, is .mIuvIn mijilslili.-.l hy Ih.- fa.-ls ol

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'liivelly II-,,, 1 1,\ th,. tissues as it is t',Miin-,|. Where ,inly a sli-hl .le-ilee

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ive lesions of hog cholera or swine plague in more than two of the organs (skin, kid-

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lesion he concluded that the process was probably due to syphilis, although


anyone to detect it at once, would not detract from its intrinsic value,

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the tumor has penetrated. The envelopment of the lung, and sheet-

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Cancer — E. C. Ernst, St. Louis, Chairman (1950); E. Kip

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Msiclcs linvr a iJcliriiMii'v .if colli. id malcrial : tlicir cpitliclimn is coliini-

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graphs or drawings are supplied by the author. Illus-

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or, if it be impossible to provide the additional men required for this saperrlslon, tbat the

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Inserted in the partition, and in the event of fire It could be broken out and the room

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of use in maintaining the body temperature, and under these condi-

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