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prevention of rheimiatism which is lying in wait for him, and may

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glottis. And not unfrequently the stammering, whether occurring in

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to the army medical doctor, the latter is somewhat unequally

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usually most extensively adherent. In man a rebound or shock

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the use of the water? Here, it may be, the poison lingered f in

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possessed by secret or unreasonable resentments ; this third patient is as

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therap. 'Wchnschr., 'Wien, 1899, vi, 2.57; 29: - .Silex (P.)

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mentary Procedures. By HUNTER ROBB. M.D., Associate

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at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School, Surgeon to the Har-

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ish watery fluid besides a mass of intestines and omentum, the former greatly

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patient is of medium heigiit and weight ; the face and

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rendering the pulse slower, just in the same way as direct

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are given varies from 88° F. in some to 90® and 93** F. in

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iour weeks. This continued until '85. Meantime another phy-

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1862.] Salisbury, Inoculation with Straw Fungi. 389

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betran to sink, and died three days subsequently, the 31st of May, and the

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time with a bilious diarrhoea, with fever, and icterus, recently developed and

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cine, in the extensive curriculum of instruction embraced in

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that the constitutional symptoms attending local unhealthy inflammations,

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is a complete standard data set for treatment planning. If patient comes in for the

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deavored to overcome this difficulty by preparing a solution containing picric acid

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at times the disease may spread in epidemic form over larger or

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not believe it. A big death-rate that could be traced

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pleted the invei-tebrate, though infected, is not infective. This may

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From year to year our people are becoming more generous in

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or inguinal glands (depending upon the location of vaccination) are swolki

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land are primarily alimentary. In America the percentage

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tory cultures of the pyocyaneus are taken up very readily in physio-

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borne. The meat solution so strongly advocated by Leube, or that of

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the Southeastern, the Western and the Southwestern Passenger

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