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kidney is sound it is probable that the individual will get

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no extensive systematic studies of the blood seem to have been made by such

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cases brought about; the cyanotic color disappeared and the pulse was

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in an adult: M. B., aged forty-nine years, was admitted to University

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as given by Thucydides, is compatible with that of scarlet fever of a virulent

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ever found in the urine, but when it is, is most frequently-

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Unless complaint is made by the patient, recognition will be difficult. Local

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Miiller on animals have shown that the chilling of the body is followed by a

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occurred in an orderly who had nursed an erysipelatous patient and was

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associated so commonly with secondary infections, especially streptococcal,

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two weeks or more after the ingestion of the blood, before the mosquito

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the bactericidal power of the serum as now understood. Thus human

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of the corresponding bacteria. Disease so produced is, however, not com-

buenos actos producen buenas recompensas

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stiredly we are obhged to pay roundly for them. Why, then,

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good morals; firm, but not obstinate; self-reliant, but not

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vermin, and every effort made to destroy bedbugs, ticks, etc., as well as to

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clearly proved that albuminuria may be physiological and

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mentioned, finally become loud, and tjnpically tubular in character. Tubular

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that some connection between them is now almost universally

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