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15, 1908. Body emaciated. Abdomen flat; operation wound
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Monograph No. 5. (Issued September 27, 1915.) Price, $1.00.
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other parenthetical explanations are made here and there
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nizes the existence of the disease in a few words, but gives no case. He
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a full extent in operations upon the brain. This is natural for not only
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formed on the mitral valve and surrounding surface of the endocardium. Some
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creased laterally in any way ; they had become partly
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such increase of symptoms is most remarkable, when the sys-
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mild antiseptic lotion. The following ointment is useful in preventing
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tent suppression of bacterial growth after a brief exposure
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any sign of scarlatina or any other fever about him previously.
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vertebral arteries or inferior arteries of the cerebellum. They
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the thorax, with a decrease in expansile movements due to the associated
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of certain diseases and those relating to putrefaction. Some
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48. Melchior JC: Infantile spasms and early immunization against whooping
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pelvis. He took the opportunity of giving an analysis of his 400 opera-
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scientific value. There are some doubts, however, as to the
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however, that the operation of removing the coverslip and
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least half of the small intestine were found acutely
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ing them has been educated in some university ; and,
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In so far as cosmetic effect is concerned, there is no comparison
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tities have been given hourly with good effect, and without producing
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to procure some exact details as to the peculiarities of their parents.]

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