Celexa Withdrawal Fugue State

practitioners, particularly abroad. It is only lately

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took part in the campaign in German South- West Africa, being

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continued fever, probably due to many different causes,

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the alimentary canal below the insertion of the duct in contact

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W. B. Geikie, M.D., Toronto, Ont Trinity Medical College.

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shown by laughing, singing and dancing ; then follows loss of control

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nth, 2 A. M. — Found her in a peculiarly excitable state.

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degenerations. If recognized early and properly treated both

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little attention is paid, the paralysis is seen only after it has

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nece.saarily become vacant with a change in the national administration,

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96° to 112°, is suflBcient. It is well, however, to be provided, for special

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and other internal organs, in some instances so early as to find

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more affected by galvanism than by X-rays. Exojjhthalmos can be influenced

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treat not only the essential disease, the real scabies— ^namely, the acarian furrow

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1848. *BouTH, Chables Hbnby Felix, M.D., 52, Montagu-square, W. p,

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A. B. Norton in behalf of several railroads and summer resorts, the

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the bacillus. And this has proved a great gain in clinical

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symptoms and the maintenance of the general health.

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this dread, until they have passed through a severe ordeal of ex-

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ing art. Schools or fanciful theories can no longer serve as a cloak

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graphy, aerodiaphanometer, aerotherapy, aerophore, and

celexa withdrawal fugue state

wonder that the combination of the amount of alcohol just mentioned with

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and France. Thus Roux and Vailliard were successful in two cases,

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" The next meeting being special for the consideration of

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ening, in the chronic form by atrophy, and that this may induce partial

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