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accustomed to state in his lectures that on the subsidence of this disease, when

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ring in the practice of Dr. George E. Brewer, in which

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has occasional severe occipital headaches. Suicidal tendencies have at

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part to the financing of city banks. The professor of mathematics

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Mix, and make into twenty-four pills. Two to be taken ever]/

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trouble, but frequently it leads to slow thickening or retrac-

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we expressed our conviction then that they were not suf-

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Derivation. — Distil together sulphuric acid, sodium

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inheritance certain ancestors may contribute nothing to the constitu-

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tioners shall forthwith examine such prisoner and inquire as to his

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It is a noteworthy fact, that of the 170 patients 70 wei'e between the ages of

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trance and exit wounds are far distant from one another.

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ducts of foot-rot must be determined by experiment; and the

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years, in a patient thirteen years of age. She at one time was licma-

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abdomen was livid and swollen. The stomach contained a gruelly liquid

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checked by the necessary isolation and testing of the bacilli.

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others, he has the proud satisfaction of having achieved it him-

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had weakness of the right foot for about eight months,

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ular tissue, constituting an additional sphincter muscle to those already de-

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prevent polyneuritis in pigeons for a considerable time when the daily

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frequency with which inflammation, and its somewhat

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in man power — that a man may be allocated early to work suited to his

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Mr. John Croft contributes an interesting paper upon the Treatment

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patients treatment directed to primary disease is advisable. A suitable

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arbitrary orthonormal set of vectors [vi,...,vj is used in the domain space m x m, i.e.,

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7. Punctee cauterization with the various modifications advised in

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