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dous speed, a speed able to carry them about 20,000 miles per

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adduced that there are pathogenic and non-pathogenic amebse,

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items which may serve as materials for future researches,

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tive 8., sterility due to imperfection of the semen

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It is rather imitated in the gymnasium by the marked

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Dr. Cryan thought that the case just narrated justified him in drawing

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approval of a 37-page report by the Board of ITustees.

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potassium cyanid, potassium ferrocyanid, acetic acid, boric acid,

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epithelioma. . Here the hypothesis would be necessary

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and Greece, Sicily, Sardinia, and also in Merv (Russia), and it is quite

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The Medical School gratefully acknowledges the thoughtful support of

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and reason, they are the least modified and controlled,

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appear to be suffering from ordinary nasal or bronchial catarrh but who

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functional disturbance, or to lesions of the cardiac ner-

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The Meeting a Third of a Gentiiry Ago. — This is the

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inch in diameter. This was situated over a bulging mass in

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hours, as the medicine he takes when he has a desire to

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Aleo, in: Voyeimo nied. J., St. Petersb.,1885, clii. 3. sect,

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tonsils manufacture the white blood-cells in quantities to

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important facts, for which science is his debtor, that the nerve-tubes of

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pression the patient receives (and alcoholism is conceded

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were munificently increased hy donations from her family to

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or disinfected by the free use of chloride of lime, and all water-butts and

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missible as a part of the res gestfe, the Oklahoma Su-

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be evident that such an investigation would have greatly increased the in-

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accompanied by an increase in the size of the head and

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