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jceivcd. In alleged child-murder, it has been generally considered that

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instances; for it is notorious to accoucheurs, that for the most

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abdominal, vaginal, rectal, or vesical examination will

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cases which he has examined, detected in this fluid an excess of iron

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for Measuring Mental Ability. Pub. Baltimore: Warwick and

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tobacco. Twenty-seven pipes, equivalent to 107 grains of

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the system, caused during the infliction of this and other large

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Note. — Iyike the Iodine recommended above, Creosote is believed to be

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not infrequently is in doubt respecting the diagnosis. If, in these cases, re-

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diseases which rank high in yearly mortality and disability statistics.

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hospital will be lost. As Sir William Broadbent points out,

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fee after two weeks of the most faithful attendance be-

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Friday I removed these and discovered the existence of a large tumour in

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lessness or necessity, are exposed to oitimete bed effects. The tyrtnny

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suffice to maintain the edges of the opening in contact, recourse

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aud that tbe power resident in tbat heart is also x.

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abnormalities of the human eye. Syst. Dis. Eve ( Norris

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tion, indicating an advanced stage of the disease, the prognosis

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physicians, Blue Shield will constantly strive to improve

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as far as one end, which does not divide at once, but later, thus

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was regarded as one of the necessary evils, as some doctor has remarked,

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