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Hyde, followed the lines of travel to the shores of the Mediterranean,
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The cases analysed in this paper occurred in the practice of Guy's
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to Sehrwald, be digested by the presence of pepsin in acid urine. The
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or after-memory. A purposive act,* involving a more or less elaborate
them at the earliest possible moment. A distinction is thus generally
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disturbed that he is capable of pursuing his daily occupation, or there
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with the degenerative changes in the parenchymatous organs.
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too^ with the patient going ahout the hospital more or less every day,
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diminution in the size of the tumor is associated with the presence of
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borhood of the teeth, but the entrance may be through a wound of the
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high up to get above the penetrating fungus, is essential. The disease
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cramps, numbness and tingling in the extremities, and difficulty in
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any specific treatment, and often does not modify the therapeutics of the
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tremities are semifiexed, and fusiform swelling, especially of the thighs,
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Fortunately, so far as treatment is concerned, the diagnosis is of little
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or symptoms exist of chronic or latent tuberculosis somewhere in the body.
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reduce temperature, as well as by supporting the nerve-centres. The
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broncho-pneumonia the affected portions of the lung are wedge shaped,
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in the toxsemic epileptiform convulsion the unconsciousness precedes the
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middle of the second week. There is pain referred to the abdominal
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peritonitis from an incarceration of the kidney in the peritoneum sur-
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drium, and enlargement, especially nodular, of the liver. The presence of
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fessor of Principles of Surgery; J. L. Crawcour, M. D., Professor of
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over many months, with remissions, intermissions, and recurrences of the
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Nephrectomy for movable kidney is never justified unless the symptoms
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gastritis has been found oftener in men than in women, more frequently
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gether forbidden are butter, cream, fats, sauces, taine geese and ducks,
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the presence of blood-pigment and the absence of red blood-corpuscles.
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