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and in five weeks it was of normal dimensions. Forty
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development of tumours. It had before been generally held that cancer was
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rabbits. Rabbits show a greater variation in individual susceptibility.
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I fiiid no record of his case. Dr. Knight, the Resi-
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surgical acquisition. In view of the danger attending venous
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reaching them more satisfactory than any heretofore
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The agreeable saline and acid taste of Abbey's Effervescent Salt
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of 160 on the sixth day. I was surrounded by the family, who were
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hour, and at about 4 o'clock his wife awakened and found him
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being unai)le to escape, remain to be surrounded by
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hypodermatic syringe with a set screw on the piston by which
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sugar excretion. He states that it is not suitable in all cases
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consideration. In an age of conquest, intrigue and religious
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tions, will become requisite when the eruption is checked, and the chest
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(1) Double Abductor Paralysis in a Man, aged 50. Proposed Operation ... 94
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with its hips elevated, and he insinuates the catheter into the
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approaches that of pneumonia in quality, it is often termed siib-crepita-
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the writing gives evidence of power of control over the movements,
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" First I must mention David Orme and William Lowder, who are
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males. In one very violent case of hysterical insanity, with
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reticall^y it seemed to be one which would overcome some
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tiva, and more frequently still, disturbance in the
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skipped one or more menstrual periods. In fourteen there had been
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from the mouth. At first the cough is dry, rather harsh, and somewhat
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Mr. Lawrenson was at first inclined to connect the origin of
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'< In 1832 Mr. Davis passed from medicine to law and
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members from clinical associate to staff radiologist. They are fully trained,
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accomplished, and he saw it the first and greatest of
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whose time should be chiefly spent in the dissecting room.
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hearing nothing further, did not consider his services were
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while in health and at rest. Its average rate is: —

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