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supervision of these cases becomes manifest. The impor-
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As is well known, the frequency of the pulse is in health liable to wide
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tion. It is this : that the less the difference in the size
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first and second grade. The sacro-iliac, temporomaxillary, costo-
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gradually detaching it, working the fingers gently in between it
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tial chill February 17, 1893, followed by pneumonia
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bility is not sufficient to enable the patient to locate the
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On the third day after the operation the mother de-
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were diametrically opposite in character to what they ought
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or compound tar ointments (for example, liq. carbonis, 3j. ; hydr. ammon.
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attack about a week after. Extravasation of blood was found on
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Ivy, A. C. (predisposition for peptic ulcer' in twins),
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I have before me tlie notes of the case of a woman, aged 5G,
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ing the movements, size, and shape of the abdomen, without re-
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Thus, in our study of combinations of morbific influences we come
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physical one, not something produced by a being to be discovered
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the twenty-nine patients without definite record from Table 11, the
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been effused at the spot where he said this wound had been inflicted by her.
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was very unexpected. In not a single case had a correct
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pital diet at end of second week. Internal and external
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dia. Army M. Dep. Rep. 1895, Lond. ,1896, xxxvii, 335-349.—
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The treatment of fractures by simple niethiids. Prac-
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The fact that the eruption is actually raised abo\'e the normal skin
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age from 0.4 to 0.6 /j. in width and 2.4 // in length. The gelatin col-

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