Celexa For Depression The Treatment Of Anxiety

and frequently the peritoneal lymphatics are still active and able to

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berculosis, typhoid fever, tumor and abscess of the brain, encephalitis,

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Subscription, $5.00 per annum. Single copies, $150.

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the former disorder that the drug finds its usefulness.

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loud gurgling and rumbling in the abdomen, showing that there are

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— Dr. Onslow A. Gordon, Jr., reported these cases.

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two marks differ by more than 10 in no less than 20 cases out

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absolutely non-malarial, may have a return of fever of the same type

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uterus, and that not only the adnexa but the pelvic glands should

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the hl)res also, which may be hypertrophied in some re-

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realized our helplessness. The military game is something which

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tensively in our large cities for weight reduction in gouty,

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victim of the disease, was but slightly scratched on the chin.

celexa for depression the treatment of anxiety

bers. That of the College of Physicians in Philadel-

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filled half-full with the flowers of the St. John's

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Number of the Boston Weekly Medical Journal! and they have been several

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with frequent monitoring of serum potassium. Potassium-sparing agents should generally not be used in patients

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purposes." Noble words these, but the whole history of science

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W. Y. WAS admitted to University College Hospital with the history

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ing examples agree with trypsin in acting in an alkaline medium.

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ticularly paper currency, and library books. It may be admitted that

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after. According to Dr. Laing [3] and Dr. Wilson [5] epidemics of

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