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was very thin and dejected; she weighed 24.300 kilo-

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bacteria are identical with those of " deer and cattle disease," which,

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leptomeningitis, often with much thickening, and even

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trouble. He was taken with "complete obstruction on

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This is a closely-printed little book with 11 illus-

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vice in the last few weeks in assistance to the De-

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shortly, that remarkable series of operative cases which have

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rated, or rather set free, in the combustion of blood, was an

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" Sir William Gull was one of the ablest, most original^

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affected; loud but pure tones, the pulse-tension very high. Urinary

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the borders of the enlarged organ are rounded and blunt. Exceptionally the

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and when we eat with an ulcer of the stomach we eat

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prescription was two pellets of Bell. 900 (Jenichen) in eight teaspoon-

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of the floor of the fourth ventricle occasionally produced a polyuria without

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this aasertion to be warranted by the results of a large number of ob-

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a history of having had an operation for retroversion

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w<<rk iralls for no extended notice from the reviewer. Its place in the front rank of professional literature

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remained. He was very deaf and both ears were packed

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the patient a chance where otherwise he perhaps has

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high fever, night sweats, dyspucea, and abundant ex-

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These blankets may in turn be covered with sterilized towels. In

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