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The diagnosis of rachialgia from organic disease compressing the cord,
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of David's harp-playing upon the melancholia of King Saul
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fered from the type organism in their behavior toward dulcite and
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I am familiar. All of the electrodes for the application
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Piawlins, William Peter, M.D.St. Andrew's, 2, Francis Terrace,
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tras at short notice, whether for healing, for the recov-
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houses. In speaking to the students at the beginning of the
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or permanent. Dry seborrhea of the scalp often causes a mild grade
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primary ulcer, and with a marked universal adenitis.
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base, but disappeared after the following day. A double
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thought it possible that they may feed without leav-
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curring in persons beyond middle life, together with the existence of progressive
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Whenever he refused to stand the pseudo-blackmail, he
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prevent inflammation and suppuration of the brain and its
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and announced the power of Quinine 'to prevent the development of Fungi. These
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metabolism continue- and is greater in this than in the thyroid period.
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and loins, loss of appetite, thirst, and burning heat over the surface,
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cifics, if any remedies are entitled to this appellation. This statement
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sion of efficiency, and then the local inspectors and
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Animal Economy. — Dr. H. B. Jones, in the Medical
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ful in four-fifths of the cases of sciatica in which he employed it.
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sion"; that is, a serous fluid, like the fluid part of
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subject. The Professorship of Rural Economy was added to
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had suffered had made a serious impression upon her,

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