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degeneration; the unique occurrence of an absolutely duplicate spleen attached
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moist rales and sibilation. Pneumonic patches were also observed,
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49; 66; 82; 97.— PoiiikJ'o. O morszczynie p^cberzyko-
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distortions of brim, 53 ; iodoform in uterine disease,
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disease should be principally expectant, and should consist in fix-
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giving better aeration to the lungs, and making more blood.
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is directly proportional to the hydrogen ion concentration as measured
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From the close resemblance dermatitis heri^etiformis bears to
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is intended to be a discussion of the use and abuse
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If anaesthesia controls the convulsions, blood-letting should not be
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vascular changes inevitably follow in a well-defined case of
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of some of the preparations of Bark. The Citrate of Iron and Quinine
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difiicult — the most striking symptoms are: loss of strength
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I will state that the catgut used in the hernia operation was what I
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tion to make. The venereal is common among them, but what-
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firm pressure on the body after the tapping operation.
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battery. It is, consequently, altogether erroneous to say
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theories as to the cause of cancer : i, Considering it to be
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ment in one or more planes. These movements produced
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found the water strongly impregnated with sewage and other
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lected for the mailing: a reprint of Dr. Hulvey's page titled “We asked
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ratory pressure from 30 to 80 ; expiratory from 40 to 90.
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He had, as a young man, a strong bass voice of good timbre,
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am a Southerner ; I lived a long time in Montgomery,

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