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It will be perceived that the superior capacity of the

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otherwise than as a complication of a fracture or luxation ; there cannot be a

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irritation in the air passages of the lungs. This irrita-

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is essentially and primarily a disease of malnutrition

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much blood is forced back toward the stomach and heart that the

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of disseminate sclerosis. In this case up to tlie end there "was none of

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and others exist in the Edinburgh University Museum.

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all ureters to 11 F, thus insuring free drainage. If there is a

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for the following unique case, wherein exci.Mon of the head of

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In all these cases recent fractures were dealt with, and only in

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defects of a congenital nature or to retarded devel-

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a choice of drug or method. But it is not at all likely that

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Whenever it fails, and often when it does not fail, hyjKMiermoclysia

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healthy donor are quickly iegtrojed by the toxins and bacteria of

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afraid to think of it. I stated that we thought we had dis-

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est sense, and while they may have of great men, the Presidency itself,

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will show whether the case is one of intestinal obstruction,

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found. There was a fusion of the lung with the dia-

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work, a translation of a still earlier work by Charaka,

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great trochanter and tensor vaginae femoris. The bacteriological examination was most

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group agglutinins for orange and white cocci, but there was a distinct

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tensely congested ; posterior wall showing granulated

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Professor and Director of Department of Internal Medicine. • THOMAS F. HENLEY, M.D., Instructor in Clinical

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and the pulse unvarying in its activity, the physical signs have designated with

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