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the wording is different in almost every section, the

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portion may be isolated by grooving, as in the process of strip-

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healed under mixed treatment. Complement-fixation test (Fniery) positive. Noguchi

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development of this affection. It is sometimes due to disorders of

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those of Dr. Acland would probably find supporters, and it

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yellow " time of life. He thereby made many enemies within

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"2d. The Knapsack. — Upper compartment. Contents: — Half a pound

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those who have been infected may have relapses at long

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cases. The general indications for its use are anaemias, strumatous

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various operations that have been advocated, whether on arteries or on

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medicine was gradually withdrawn. During all this time

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fto an opaque white or crystalline film of cyanide of silver, the chemical change

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slight prominence of the cardiac region. The heart's sounds

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promotes physical vigor, and augments the sum total of general

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first day two thirds of the dose are suppressed, on the third

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Laparotomy.— Dr. H. Marion, of New York, re-

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afford by far the most frequent occasions for their emplojmient, and it will

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and is characterized by an inflamed condition of the

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interest. The articles which especially appeal to the physician are: Recent

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had to condense and summarize owing to the limits of tlie space

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it may become necessary to puncture the bladder through the

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animal, and is reducible to one simple property in every animal. * * * * The

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