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gle instance, exhibit the regular diurnal ebb of the heart's action
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extent in works on pathology. Among these we would call atten-
one half of the surfaces denuded beyond the margin had been
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declining it, at least at present, and preferring if it appeared at all, it should
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we have said before, its presence leads to the continu-
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H. A. and A. Bignon, Dugas and Ford, were in attendance. All
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compose the peroxide and protoxide of iron found only in the
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very extended observations in the hospitals generally, but more
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themselves to be made witnesses on a question the most subtle and
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should be trained by work upon the cadaver and lower animals,
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From our present knowledge upon this subject we may look
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or the latter stertorous, the Chloroform should be suspended until
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other confused ideas among physicians, such as the one origina-
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intended. We repeat, then, the mind, in a normal state, cannot act
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tory nervous action — if they cannot date back of 1850, they certainly
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and in its property of combining with any other remedy.
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mor has returned at the original seat, and also in all the places
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This volume contains another Report, upon the never ending subject of
mentation status
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reading their lives. A history of the American Medical Association
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occurs ; offering in its essential nature nothing different from any
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the first periods of life, being constantly present, as rachitis,
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from their inability to tender the honorarium. What we speak of now has
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silence which passes for wisdom, it is to tell, facetiously, some story " of
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nal of Medicine has adopted the following treatment in scarlatina,
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into a favorable position for examination. On his arrival,
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When the part to be operated upon is inflamed, or the circulation
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purified by boiling with charcoal, and cane sugar, prepared
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dispelling strumous enlargements much more rapidly than its sister
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place by the untorn portion of the capsular ligament, which acted
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inner. If this is correct, there is no more propriety in ele-
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m. d., and Frederick Stearns, Pharmacutist. Mr. Stearns' paper Is
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attacks of lead colic. Operated for intestinal obstruction of
altered mentation in dogs
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portion as the materials (elements) of a morbid growth are
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may be complicated with a gangrenous tendency, or attended by an
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20th. Venesection (according to Kiwisch, Litzman, Sedgwick,
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tended over the right side of the face to the head ; it was hard to
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has not treated in that mode or used those measures, which in the opinion

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