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the phenomena set down as symptoms of cardiac hypertrophy certainly
losartan (cozaar) 100mg
corpuscles, that of the solid constituents was decreased, as a result of
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Foulebton, A. G. R. On streptothrix infections. Lancet, (1899), 2, 779-780. —
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varieties, are far more troublesome. They do not render swallowing
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S. 5 ss every two hours) and ipecacuanha ; after these, quinine, veratrine,
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fever in this country with that in the British colonies and in
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it is especially valuable in adynamic fevers; as in the stupor of typhus, in
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The disease was of fifteen years' standing, and was localized in the lower two thirds
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Pharmacology: The Action and Uses of Drugs. By Maurice Vejux Tyrode,
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those described above. It is often impossible to determine with which
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women. This is not only injurious to the parturients and their new-
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the purely scientific side of our profession. New and attractive vistas
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abscesses are formed. Occasionally also there are extensive destruc-
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tain that the effect of quinine on hyperaemia of the spleen cannot be
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of diseases of the liver, I shall return to the subject, and will here
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numbed ; if an emetic remain without action ; or i^ on the other hand,
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whom he operated for a hydrocele with great thickening of the scrotum
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every organ and tissue of the body. The diagnosis is only made by
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only does the chill which heralds the evening access of fever, but all
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when recognized, although I am not aware that it has been previously
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from not having been spread over this space, when the bar is
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smooth and glossy, looks dull, the pleura itself is somewhat swollen.
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with them organic germs, and thus vitiate the results. This is
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17 days, to 6 years ; those 20 who remain after the close of the
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the Wright type and it also appears to have slight distinctions from the Bostroem
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ary tubercular ulcers). Much more frequently we notice first a yellow-
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patient are usually moderated, and the general disturbance quieted.
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days, what would be the percentage if the babies were admit-
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the adhesions, or on section through them, numerous sinusses are exposed; these
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calibre No. 15 F., a second at six inches in depth, tlirough
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Venous engorgement, moreover, leads to one of the most impor-

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