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data information once is well calibrated. The optimization program also provides a fast

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The results obtained in the treatment of septicjemia by means of

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These facts point conclusively to an intimate physiological association

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High risk is defined as persons over 65 years of age or

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pressure over the lower part of the abdomen, as a small,

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is certain as the convolutions of the two cerebral regions have

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tion OF Nitrogenous Matters. — ^The steadily increas-

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salary as a preacher he gave wholly to the poor, and the grief of

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handgun ownership, has led to a reduction in gun-related crimes.

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litre of water one degree centigrade. It matters not from what

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great clepth and warmth of kindliness. .\ keen sense of

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slight shocks produced by the alternating darkness and brilliant lights

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ing from tertian or from quotidian fever. Upon what lines are we to

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of these patients, the results are very encouraging. With early diagnosis

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nth, 2 A. M. — Found her in a peculiarly excitable state.

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32'2 ; 189s, 37'4. Between five and twenty years of age, 1896, jo'S ; 1895, 2i'3. Twenty

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Three cases have been reported at Beyrout, in Syria,

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their proper value. The temporary improvement in the

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of the marked tendency to extensive swinging of the registering lever;

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cation, sufficient time has not elapsed since trypanosomiasis was

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BRANCHES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE; for the Use and Examination of Stadentn. A

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askesis of the ancients— with regard to body and soul. But

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half to one inch over the healthy tissue as infiltration usually

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COURSES OF PRACTICAL WORK ai Assistants, under tutelage, for period* of three months, tlx months, one year, for specialists.

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condition, 85 pounds. Has been in good health all summer; no symptoms

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My notes represent Dr. MitchelFs latest views in regard to the treatment

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The vomiting continued with moderate pain and great thirst. The Doctor

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