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the clinical aspects of plague, stating that it belongs to the
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long as the functions of the stomach are performed efficiently no
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ternal secretion the nervous system acts less plainly, but there
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and the relations of the latter to the community as a whole. As
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although evidently new-formed, was free from tuber-
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nosis. One of the strongest points, he maintains, is the dif-
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Association, with the avowed object of having its mem-
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a higher plane than ever before in its history. The
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said that the condition was much more common than generally
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better conditions for the heart to work in. Camphor has
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sterilization of the instruments used. I think, however,
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3 degrees; the other caused a fall of 2.8, an average of
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hours. Reference : American Jour, of Med. Bel., 1892. p. 3BB.
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glands could be felt. The stomach was of moderate size
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Russia : St. Petersburg, April 13-20, 13 cases, 1 death.
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ciation last year, no mention was made of it, though

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