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type ; according to Taylor, it does not often appear before the end of the

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as he can absorb, by giving stimulants — brandy and carbonate of

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curved organism from the dejecta and intestines of cholera patients,

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the human body. " It may be," he says, " that the chemical substances

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effect of one of those organic poisons which constitute a very early stage

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Believing, from such an accumulation of evidence, that we are justi-

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may be obtained either in a liquid or dried state ; in tlie latter case a

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abode in the body without producing an infection, as, for example, is the

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facial herpes to spread so widely. It commonly occurs within the first

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At Bardney, a Lincolnshire village, there was a small epidemic — over nine-

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the test of time, I will begin with the simplest, and pass on to those

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Riviera will be the most appropriate climate. Patients for whom the

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hsemorrhagic cases blood ; glycosuria has been observed rarely (8, 9).

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ture. If all medical men had the honesty and candor to proclaim their

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of amylaceous food : this obviously means that the supply of carbohy-

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other way than by the direct influence of the nervous system on the pro-

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result. All observers agree that prognosis is generally very uncertain,

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further etiology of the disease resolves itself into two factors : first, the

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other possible explanation than either the nervous irritation to which

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possible, and perhaps even probable, that those factors which contribute

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similar function. This was an argumentum absurdum sufficient, without

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Browne, the naturalist, has located himself' at Tonawi^nda, near the Falls

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quent thinning of the endothelial layer with, it may be, the opening

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it is distinctly and markedly dicrotic, indicating a paresis of the arterial

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months and years under suitable surroundings, gradually losing their

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can destroy the lethal effect of snake poisons. Further, Sanarelli's own

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staphylococci and streptococci produce suppuration, septicaemia, erysipe-

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turpentine, or mustard may be tried ; but nothing relieves cramps so

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[Commanioated for Che Boiton Medleal and Surgical Joumal.J

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in the atrophic form ; in it there is no overgrowth of fibrous tissue, but

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(&^ Of the Block-attachment. — Two very important improvements

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