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Erysipele de la face dSveloppe spontanfement chez un

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lare. Boll, d'ocul., Firenze. 1896, xviii, 19. — Sanielsohn

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wounds occurring in individuals who work around horses,

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severe cases, to combine fracture of the fistula with division of the tibia.

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recently reported by Mainzer {Deutsche med. Wochnschr. xxv. 436, 1899),

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ticularly distinct in the newborn. By detaching the fascia

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It was evidently in this case, too, carbonic poison that

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the animal economy, this was brought about, is not, I suspect,

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KuFus King Browne, on the application of the micro-

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though they (the goods) are not worth a hundred dollars ;

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the body. He gradually got much better, and was dismissed after six weeks'

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Beer should not be Drunk from Glasses, according to

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cording to its rhythm : (1) the diastolic, synchronous with the

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resemblance. In the healthy ox the glands of Peyer are very

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been passed in review, the affection is developed in the course of other

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1892, i, 1154.— Fc'lolii (H.) TanulmSny az endoskopia

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tive rays of the ultra-violet region than the corresponding

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made to encircle the portion that is to be removed.

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and of experiments on thirteen animals, with the con-

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