Increasing Citalopram From 10mg To 20mg

We trust that before many years this ancient fetich of

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of psychopathy there are several which closely resemble the latah of

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slept badly ior weeks at a time ; the menstrual functions

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ease begins because there is no well-defined border line. Health and

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operation followed, though at last accounts there was

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poses of suicide, or from mistaken zeal, we have no need to speak in

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cal Association, the Medical Society of the State of

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For iixiug tliu neii'ativc, an aciil-iixiiiy bath, with i-liroiiio ahiiii, is

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used by EOrster, who formula.ted the law that the Hg)U

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cluding chapter might well find a place in any of our popular periodi-

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(peroxide), are but little known except to chemists. Litharge and minium or r ea

increasing citalopram from 10mg to 20mg

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3. Tonic Alterative. Mercurial pill 1 dr., aloes 2 dr., myrrh,

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Ephraim's early education was gotten at the school of

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ful cases whether the s^Tidrome is a true neuralgia of the tic doul-

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this group of old animals there has been no attempt at a restoration

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.limes convincing, is certainly very suggestive. We have only

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to tills he noticed strong pulsations of the arteries of the head and

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Doctor, in his annual statement, called the attention of the

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probable epidemic influence in view, in examining the

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CLINICS. < Philadelphia College of Physicians . . 59

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as if by explosion." A period of maniacal excitement

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{Mm, iJihooii^ nmcii deprenedL Tke liiigiiw nerer threatens life;

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the association, and referred to certain actions of the Congress

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ment, can only count 10 years of his service towards

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is a protection against the outbreak of disease. The discovery and the study

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Paris: 1830. I need not say that this note is not put forward

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