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tered the Hospital for the Ruptured and Crippled suftering

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the King and the future progress of his health can be gauged

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In one the umbilical souffle was present; and in four

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a hyphen ; and to facilitate clearness, or to avoid mis-

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In the year 1830 began a series of epidemics remarkable for their

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influenced, and that the corpora striata may be involved in the

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the issues of the Act’s constitutionality and definition

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they reappear as the organism triumphs over the disease. In

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gin." Franklip S. Wilcox, M. D. Discussion opened by

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fruitless efforts to vomit, a small quantity of ilorid blood, mixed

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But, undisputed as is the superiority of vaccination, and undoubted as are the

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Series III.— Macacus rhesus F (control). Apr. 3, 1918. Blood count, lympho-

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cases is the fact that the pelvic ligaments and abdominal

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Of these 102 cases, six died ; three out of thirty-eight in private practice,

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may mention two which appear to be rare. Hysterical amnesia, described

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accomplished by the committee and the residency programs

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the preparation of these lectures. The first question is,

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neglect of revaccination previously to the last epidemic of

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■{'he patient made an uninterrupted recovery. The

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