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tions from impaction, preventing the flow of bile. The jaundice in

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7. The Treatment of Follicular and Suppurative Amygdalitis

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attack about a week after. Extravasation of blood was found on

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tions. Such mucus is loaded with mucin, as a characteristic

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bird is stufi'ed the skin can be turned over the back. Cut

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ence anxious to extend their knowledge of classical

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spot upon the opposite side ; or, perhaps, to an analogous part of

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rather concur with Lennox Browne, who says that " we

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-ered as such, and one other was here for eighteen months, and

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Dr. Qreenhalgh gave brief particulars of seven caserf of extra-uterine foeta-

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work. Six months ago she began to suffer from cold sweats,

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forces of progress and retrogression been so inter-

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intestine are best treated of in the same chapter, as the greater part

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such cases. indicated when complications exist suffi-

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the soft parts. The child was living and weighed 3,810 grams. Aft<

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is correct, for it expresses the double influence which the Roman world exer-

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tric heat lamp for 5 minutes at a temperature starting at 55°C. and allowed

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of the Hospital were acquired, and these proved valuable

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issuing of the most elaborate work in any style of art.

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necessarily caused by purulent transformation — it may be due to fail-

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comparatively coniplete lists of all practising' physi-

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from this disease will take large doses with impunity.

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note and auscultatory sounds, detected only by the trained ear, that

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Mrs. E., white, 30. Three children. First, forceps under ether — bad tear

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have no hesitation in expressing a decided belief that bloodletting,

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about one-fifth less under similar circumstances, and an infant is said

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sound when handled, and an offensive odor when cut into;

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during the operation, which objection was not raised, the only

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