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living only as a parasite, saprophytic growth obtained easily
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wounds of the eyelids is rapid and satisfactory as a rule.
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the brain which have received the denoraination of hernia
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presidency, I actively tried to put forth the ideas and suggestions made by the AMAA to lead the WVSMAA
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were treated were never alike. Eight of our cases died
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all forms of uterine exhaustion and inertia during the
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rus, resulting, under favourable circumstances, in complete or partial prolapse of
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the State that would remedy the defects in the exist-
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nerve and muscles, and aLso in the posterior interosseous group.
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varies in length from two to three feet. Usually it is made from a limb of
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by the womb. Accordingly, the labia were separated, and the uterine tu«
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antelope, gazelle, goat, padu deer, roe, fallow-deer, reindeer,
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with a soft, tepid poultice of chamomile, or of hops or poppy-heads.
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the patient laid up for a memorial. F/is the bone of the right arm corrupted. VII
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As a rule, I secure the stitches from above downwards. The
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ries, and in a well-equipped laboratory diagnoses in
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a practical sanitarian, of national reputation, excluding
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localised headache and tenderness are of fairly good diagnostic import-
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Perkins, William Sheldon Clark.P. & S., N. Y., '60,
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promotes physical vigor, and augments the sum total of general
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science, 73; Doyen, E., traitment chirurgical des atlcctions intlam-
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of intestine, in which event one feels an indurated ring or lumps
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a heavy blunt instrument while he was in the carriage, and that he had then

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